Services-Small List

A small List (not complete) of what could be done through remote support

PC Remote Support

·      Set-up, new / old Desktops & Laptops.

·         Show you how to use the various key features of your PC.

·         Security setup with Firewalls, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware to protect your PC.

·         Set-up your Internet connection.

·         Tips for latest PC add-ons, software’s and many more.


Internet Remote Support

·      Set-up & configure New / existing Internet Connection from your ISP.

·         Install & configure browser updates, patches to ensure fast & secure Internet connection.

·         Configure Firewall & Security Policies for your PC’s safety.

·         Printer Remote Support.

·         Set up Configure Firewall & Security Policies for your PC’s safety.HP, Dell, Epson printers, scanners & All in Ones and more

·         Install / Update the printer software & drivers.

·         Configure your printer to work with your PC/laptop..

·         Detect & solve printer connection, device conflicts.

·         Fine tune printer software for improved performance.

·         Help you perform a test.


Network Remote Support

·     Set-up & configure wired, wifi new/existing network.

·         Remotely Install/Update network drivers & software.

·         Configure & show you how to enable Security & Firewall.

·         Scan & remove IP conflicts within the Network devices.

·         Wi-Fi Remote Support.

·         Setup & install new/old Wi-Fi routers, hubs and networks.

·         Help you connect the right cables between your PC and Router.

·         Configure Security & Firewalls for your Wi-Fi Router.

·         Scan & remove IP conflicts within the Network devices.

·         Show you how to share folders, drives, files, printers within the network.

·         PDA / Smartphone remote support.

·         Set-up & Synchronize, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry and more.

·         Remotely Install / Update drivers, software & firmware.

·         Synchronize Contacts, Mails, Calendar and more.

·         Recommend appropriate accessories for your PDA.

·         Windows Related Remote Support.

·         Diagnose & troubleshoot Windows OS. Resolve errors in Windows Operating System.

·         Repair, Re-install Windows.

·         Remotely install/update patches & service packs.

·         Recommend software to improve your daily productivity.


PC Security Setup / Support

·      Virus detection & removal.

·         Scan, quarantine virus, worms residing in your PC.

·         Implement security for optimum protection of your PC.

·         Guide you basic navigation feature for your Anti-virus.

·         Configure Firewall & Security Policies for your PC’s safe.